Keeping employees and facilities safe and secure is a top priority for most business owners, and an access control system is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to manage employee access and block unauthorized visitors. While most access control technologies utilize key cards, fobs or PINs, Openpath is changing the market with hands-free, mobile access. Read on to learn more about this next-generation solution. 

Smartphone-Enabled Access Control System

Openpath is quickly emerging as the leading workplace access control system amid the growing demand for increased security coupled with ease of use. It bills itself as access control for the modern workplace. Employees want smarter office security, and Openpath’s simple user experience provides the extra boost needed for mobile and cloud-enabled access control to gain momentum. 

By implementing Openpath, buildings are accessed through Openpath-enabled smartphones using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LTE to unlock doors completely hands-free. A simple wave of the hand signals intent, which then activates the door. Around 40 percent of the American population uses smartphones to control smart devices at home, so it only makes sense to bring this technology to the workplace. Plus, businesses can expect to save time/money on lost fobs and keycards each month. 

Openpath offers end-to-end security encryption, real-time reporting, remote access and full integration with your most used programs. On top of this, it still supports encrypted key cards and fobs, so employees are able to use whatever entry method they are most comfortable with. Additionally, the “Guest Pass” feature allows authorized users to text or email a temporary access link to visitors. It’s easy to install, upgradable and scalable to many sites. It can be used as an end-to-end access control solution, or it can be implemented to work with your current system. 

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